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Company Formation in Dubai -

Business World of UAE

Company Formation in DubaiCompany Formation in Dubai

Company Formation in Dubai:

Dubai is one of the most ambitious emirates of the UAE, this city was planned to emcee the Investors, Manufacturers, Traders, MNCs, Corporate Giants and Start-ups, likewise. Necessary steps were taken at the planning stage itself to compete with the world trade capitals and accommodate the business world.
The planning commission defined the role Dubai would play in shaping the global economy in the next 5 decades and accordingly it had set the stage for what we know today as the international powerhouse of Trading.

Company formation in Dubai is very simplified and complete hassle free process; this is further dissected into smart steps which guide you to acquire business license in Dubai


  • Planning
  • Location
  • Market
  • Legal

1.0 Planning:

(Planning of business in here is divided into two important sub-categories viz.)

1.1 Pre-preparation:

Pre-preparation for the right type of business helps you to root-in a road map for the company. Many a time’s companies get entangled in the legal compliances and technical issues because of ill preparation at the drawing board stage.

1.2 Business type:

Make sure that the type of business you select is the one you are well experienced with, Dubai offers amplified opportunities to experienced players. Dubai also offers an exceptional platform for the new comers and start-ups, but selecting your ideal business sector should be taken into consideration during pre-prep.
Planning assistance

2.0 Location:

(Considering the strategic importance of location, it has been further sub-categorized into two parts)

2.1 Identify:

Dubai has categorised itself squarely on the basis of the type of business or company you wish to start with. Further this emirate has been systematically segregated on the basis of Free zones; these free zones have been defined on the basis of specialised business sectors. The rules and regulations here support an ascertain type of business within its jurisdiction.

Hence, location is one of the most vital steps when one intends to establish a company in Dubai. Here the government itself encourages the companies (irrespective of business nature) to start with finalizing the location prima facie and then start with other steps.

2.2 Geo-placement:

Each location has its strengths & advantages and is usually made for a particular type of company and often is interrelated and dependent on each others, for example: Cargo and Logistics:

For cargo shipping company a seaport provides an ideal environment and also gives geographical advantage to connect with the rest of the world. Understanding its strategic and economical importance this seaport has been declared to be a freezone and has been provided with necessary facilities for the companies to boom and actively partake in the Nation’s economy.

For a logistics company, mainland serves to be an apt destination to function and maintain its fleet of heavy vehicle. Furthermore mainland has been escalated with required infrastructure to sustain the unprecedented growth of this sector, providing it an ecosystem to thrive and become a self sustaining unit.
List of Dubai Freezones (govt site)                 Location assistance

3.0 Market:

3.1 Selection:

Selection of an ideal market is sine qua non, Dubai as a trade capital serves many types of markets (not to be confused by the types of freezones or companies in Dubai). The following are major types of business market:

  • Export & Re-export
  • Trading – High seas, Mainland, Inland
  • Re-badge(ing)
  • Offices, companies, factories & industries

3.2 Categorisation:

Each freezone and mainland (zone) has a licensing body (authority), which functions independently and is responsible for the regulations of the companies within its jurisdiction. The companies need to be registered with them to acquire the due licenses and acquire a constitutional mandate.
Irrespective of the market or location one selects, the company is always entitled to tax advantages (business taxes or personal taxes). Any type of business you start broadly fits in the gamut of above mentioned segments. (Proprietorships, Partnerships, Branches Of Foreign Companies, etc.)
Market Study

4.0 Legal:

(In order to de-complex the nitty-gritty’s involved in the (multi-level) Legal structure we, it has been categorised in two parts)

4.1 Framework:

Based on the type of business activity and the area of operation (jurisdiction) the legal frame work needs to be drafted. Following three fields are necessitating while establishing a statuary compliance per se.

  • Nature of business (module)
  • Type of company (& ownership)
  • Nationalities (country of origin)

The licensing procedure completely depends upon the nature of business and the location (selected), though the process itself is self-explanatory but hiring a professional expert is important who is understands the

The Department of Economic Development (DED) itself suggests hiring an expert from ‘within the Emirate’ who has been registered with the DED. and has been practising it per se.
Legal form government link

4.2 Legal Structure:

Having empanelled an experienced consultant who functions from Dubai helps comply with:

  • Laws and Bi-laws (legal compliances)
  • Department & Authorities
  • Hierarchy structure
  • Business expertise
  • Documentation
  • Funds and Investors

Site link for business licenses in Dubai.                                Legal Consultancy

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