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Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) -

Free Zone Company - Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC)

Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC)

This onshore financial center is a passage and point of conveyance of two opposite directions; the east and the west. The significantly important placement makes it a melting pot of demand and supply chain, which connects the emerging markets with the established financial institutions.

For the financial institutions seeking to serve in business oriented upcoming economies Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) has emerged as a Global Financial Capital (GFC) much a like

the western leaders (London and New York) and eastern pioneers (Hong Kong and Tokyo); Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) is the GFC of the centre≥right.

The core belief of this zone is structured upon ‘5 Pillars’ i.e. assurance, integrity, transparency, efficiency and security. The zone was envisaged with a motive to befriend this part of UAE as propeller of financial dealings and money transaction, these dealings were then useful in generation of revenue from main stream sources. With the influx of revenue from various sources a collateral effect was seen throughout the Emirate which led to development of other projects as individual entities.

Top 7 Benefits of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC):
Institutions establishing in the DIFC can potentially gain from the following key benefits:
• A focused free zone for Global Financial Activities
• An international stock exchange board with a transparent working environment
• 100% foreign ownership and 0% tax rate on income
• Internationally governed and recognised laws and regulatory processes
• A multiple currency denominated ecosystem
• An independent regulatory body & well establish mesh of international incorporated entities
• An independent jurisdiction with civil & commercial laws & regulations manifested for a broader requirement of financial companies in UAE

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