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Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) -

Free Zone Company - Dubai Outsource Zone

Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)

Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)

In its endeavour to be an international power house for Outsourcing Dubai coined Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ), this special purpose free zone deals with various horizons of Business Outsourcing like:
• Business Process Outsourcing
• Human Resourcing
• Info-tech
• Back office
• Operations

(DOZ) harbours an ideal ground for outsourcing venture that vary from small to mid and mid to top serving agencies. The process is refined enough to manage worst case scenario from single point including an expert trouble shoot department (including backup. Centrally situated this sector enjoys a time benefit and efficiently serves the US, Europe, Asia & Africa including the Middle East.

Leading sectors in the Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) are 24x7 international call centres, IT based companies, insurance & finance institutions, hospitals & healthcare companies, travel & tourism, properties, KPO, BPO etc.

Currently Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) can cater to 58 nations across the subcontinent; by 2016 it will cover over 2/3rd of the planet from single point access and hence most of the developed and under developing nations across time zones would be within its vicinity.

Top 7 Benefits of Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ):
• Worlds’ largest and segments first zone for outsourcing
• A unique business centre especially bespoke to the ever-growing requirements of outsourcing and helps build the outsourcing industry
• An attractive zero-tax policy and full fledge foreign ownership provision
• Offers a pool of well trained and multi talented workforce
• Has access to Dubai’s remarkable substructure and related facilities
• Attracts global investors and potential financers
• Business friendly laws favourable for employers and their area of interest

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