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Dubai Studio City (DSC) -

Free Zone Company - Dubai Studio City (DSC)

Dubai Studio City (DSC)

Dubai Studio City (DSC)

The Studio City of Dubai (DSC) provides an active environment for business held activities for those who wish to be successful in their ventures. Broadly designed to sustain the glamorous industry which includes movies, entertainment, small screen and music labels. Landscaped massively the city provides access to modern facilities which can cater requirements of broadcasting and production. There are custom-made studios, stages, sound system, storage places, business desks, satellite connectivity,

modern communication system, green room & backlots and live performance theatre areas.

In order to provide a corporate structure Dubai Studio City (DSC) is one of the very few places which provide a start-to-end facility for movie completion. With some of the biggest studios backing this project, movie making activities like finance, star casting, scripting, pre-production, shooting, editing, post-production, audio-video, et al is take care including premier of the movie.

Recently, Dubai Studio City (DSC) has backed many regional & small time movies and the projects have been financially profitable, thus encouraging a stream of new ventures for home grown talents.

Top 7 Benefits of Dubai Studio City (DSC):
• Created on the lines of Hollywood with segment defining facilities
• Best in class elements of industry for production, pre-post production like Dolby Surround sound, animation studios, VFX, etc.
• An ambit of various entertainment and production activities
• Designed to enhance various verticals of the entertainment viz. movies, television and music production firms
• A splendid platform for aspiring film makers. (specific case subsidiary)
• Government backed zone for Creative individuals and theatre artists
• A transit point to global audience and world cinema

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