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Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone -

Free Zone Company - Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone

Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone opened its doors in the year 2000 for the world, to make Dubai an international hub for knowledge oriented companies, unlike other development zones here the idea is to develop this free zone for specific types of businesses and build a sustainable source of revenue.

An unmatched factor which distinguishes this zone from its peers is the interlinked services; the clustered setup goes well with the requirements that closely

depend on each other. This setup arranges necessary services in close proximity within clients reach.

Presiding with 9 business parks, each one is self-sufficient to fulfil requirements within themselves and these business parks are divided unilaterally based on the type of industry they represent. Major four sectors which run from here are ICT, Media, Education and Sciences.

Much due to an onward intervention of the government this free trade zone is synonym with ‘proficient assignments’ with greater rate of conversions, this factor solely boosts the inventorial confidence and drives down major.

While establishing this zone the centre

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Top 7 Benefits of Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone:
• Company owner’s encash hugely on the zero percent tax policies
• Full ownership is retained by technological companies
• Formed with a motive to assure smooth transition of newly formed companies in the TECOM Business Parks
• Gives a one-point contact to register companies and acquire licenses in its area of jurisdiction
• First hand access to the radiant infra-techno features of the business park
• Direct access to the accumulation of experienced and fresh resources
• A direct passage to the world of international technologies

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