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Energy and Environment Park (Enpark) -

Free Zone Company - Energy & Environment Park (Enpark)

Energy and Environment Park (Enpark)

Energy and Environment Park (Enpark)

EnPark is no more a vision but a reality which was achieved with severe planning and dedication, the authorities ensured this futuristic city facilitates and builds a sector of energy and sustainable environment in UAE. Tipped in the heart of Dubai, EnPark opens the business channels of Middle East and North Africa regions.

This business zone is the cathode to execute massive ventures and projects in one of the fastest growing

continent and commence new able-technologies at required places in fast and cost effective manner.

Major projects and industries backed by this zone are alternate form of energy, clean & green environment projects, unconventional form energy (pyrolysis and gasification), etc.

Apart from providing platform to already available form of energy solutions, this zone provides a brilliant opportunity for the start-up projects which require enough resource for research and development, usually these projects (under development) are long term projects are uncertain about their completion time and consumes a huge bandwidth in the planning stage itself EnPark gives these projects a thorough support right from start to end.

Activities fine-tuned here are identity business, planning, resource management, financing, techno-commercial collaboration and providing international technical knowhow. ENPARK assures an atmosphere to facilitate growth, a platform for bright future and a universe of opportunities.

Top 7 Benefits of Energy and Environment Park (Enpark):
• Formed with a vision to cultivate an alternate form of energy which can reduce dependency on the current forms of energies available
• One of the most diversified portfolio of companies ranging from start-ups to MNC’s
• Company profile spears from green energy, renewable energy, waste to energy, waste management, recycling, so on and so forth
• Government initiated sector with techno-commercial knowledge provided in abundance
• Impeccable network of road connectivity
• Tax free business environment
• Zero% liability of income tax and corporate tax for first 50 years

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