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UAE Over all Business Ranking


According to a report by EC Harris, UAE has been among the three most striking markets in the world for investment in infrastructure. It has been globally ranked third for their strong business and trade environs, healthy channel of development work as well as emergent economy which makes it one of the attractive countries for venture capitalists comprising pension funds and foreign banks.

Infrastructure in the UAE is exceedingly well-built following an era of speedy growth that saw the construction of residential, commercial and industrial services on a massive scale which drastically modified the urban environs in the UAE. Also a tremendous development is seen in tourism sector of UAE. Simultaneously, urban planning initiatives such as Abu Dhabi’s Emirate-wide Vision 2030 has helped UAE to reconsider and develop the country’s necessities and thus it is on the way to come up with imaginative development plans. However, infrastructure development in the areas of education, health sector, tourist services, electricity and water generation, communications, airports and portsĀ  has carry on to receive a major booster of capital in the country.

Dubai’s efficacious bid to host the Expo 2020 has set a strong goal for the development of prevailing infrastructure and thus shaped renewed prominence for projects in the development stage.  The million numbers of visitors the Dubai Expo 2020 will draw together with improving financial conditions has made the base for a construction boom over the next coming five years.

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