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Masdar City -

Free Zone Company - Masdar City

Masdar City

Masdar City

Masdar city is one of the most aspiring projects of the Abu Dhabi Energy Corporation, rated as the category-A of future projects which will evolve a sustainable source of energy to replenish fast culminating resources. Apart from providing an alternate to existing resources this zone focuses heavily to develop clean form of energy which complements the environment.
This flagship project facilitates a dedicated zone for renewable energies and provides infrastructure which

propels technology & innovation and facilities which are prudent for business to flourish and reach a global audience.

A dedicated complex is allotted for clean start-ups and beginners which makes it easy for them to have a first hand exposure of futuristic technologies and provides them an opportunity to be in a cluster of experienced professionals.

Considering the importance of an alternate form of energy and pivot role it would play in reshaping the human consumption this project is under direct watch of the Emirates government who is actively involved in routine activities and ensures this free zone operates to the fullest of its capacities and the business houses are functioning at the right direction.

Top 7 Benefits of Masdar City:
• Abu Dhabi's ambitious eco-city represents the future of sustainable urban dwelling
• Dhabi's commitment to clean air and technology
• Headquarter to some of world’s top MNC and industry leading honchos
• Recently initiated zone with a goal to pioneer energy of tomorrow
• State investment substantially to achieve the goal of renewable and sustainable form of energy
• Dedicated research zones to provide a foundation to companies operating in the of ecological science
• The Building houses office space for SME’s, start-ups and special provisions to free lancers

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